Can I afford therapy?

I know that we haven't set up this industry to be accessible, so I want to be transparent on how my fees work.

My regular fee is $175 for 45 minutes. If you're able to afford this rate, this amount allows me to offer sliding scale options to other clients.

If that rate does not work for you, I save 25% of my slots for folks who need a lower rate. The lowest I am able to offer is $50 for 45 minutes.

Both my full rate and my sliding scale rates will be adjusted at the beginning of each calendar year for inflation.

At this time, I am not able to take insurance due to how many years I've been practicing (if you'd like the long story on how social work licensing works in NY, drop me an email). My current plan is to become fully licensed in August 2022, at which point I will start the process of becoming credentialed with UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, and Aetna, and I plan to reserve 50% of my slots for insurance cases from that point on. If you have insurance with one of those providers and can wait for care until August or September, reach out to me and I'll contact you when the credentialing process is complete.