Am I the right therapist for you?

If you're here, that's probably the question you're asking yourself. I can't answer it for you (and consider that a sneak peek into how often I give straight answers to questions in therapy!), but I can give you some more information about how I work.

When I first decided to pursue graduate school to become a therapist, I knew that my long-term goal was to become a sex therapist. While I'm not there yet, I have been lucky enough to spend the time since I graduated working primarily with clients who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+, kink, non-monogamy, or sex work communities. I know from experience and from talking to others that finding a therapist who is competent in working with any of these populations can be next to impossible, and I work hard to make sure that I stay up to date on the issues affecting my clients.

As I began this work, I found that trauma is a big part of the reason why many people seek therapy, especially for folks from marginalized communities. Over my time as a therapist, I have learned that PTSD can present with just about any symptom you can imagine, and I have begun to see more and more things through a trauma lens.

I believe in working in the way that works for each of my clients, pulling in tools and resources from whatever sources I can get my hands on, and changing my approach to fit the goals that we choose together.

It's also important to know that I have two cats, and they will insist on making appearances in my virtual sessions.